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Passementary button are those that are made by thread and cords (sutache).  They are mostly handmade, with the exception of the flat thread buttons.  The differences in the quality of our products are that the dies used to produce different colors are permanent and do not change or give off to fabric when washed.  Furthermore, the back of these buttons are knotted, instead of being glued to plastic shanks.  The advantage is that there is no glue to come off, no plastic shank to break or melt, and therefore, no unwinding of the cords.  However, because certain manufacturers still would like to have plastic shanks, we offer a limited variety of them.  Those styles are indicated as such in the description of the button.

For security purposes we do not include pricing on our web site.  Please contact us via email, phone, or fax, and we will provide you with our highly competitive price.

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There are many more buttons.  As soon as the images are produced we will present them to you.  If you want us to let you know, just drop us an email.

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