Handmade passementary with triangular design.  This is a thick button and is knotted in the back (no glued on shank).  Shinny black thick cord is used.
Handmade passementary with cross loop design.  As with all other similar buttons, they look great on dressy garments, giving it a classic look.  Matt black.
Small handmade matt black passementary with square loop design.  Like the picture above, a finer cord has been used to produce a more delicate design.  Knotted in the back.
Handmade passementary with "X" design.   Thick shiny sutache is used to produce this thicker button.  Knotted in the back. 
Handmade passementary with oval center design.  Using finer cords, a thinner and more delicate design is produced.  Knotted back.  Matt black.
Handmade passemantary with criss-cross design.  A shiny cord is used.  This is a thicker button with knotted back.
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