Below, are the enlarged images of glass buttons.  Use the back button on your browser to go to the thumbnail page.

Matt black glass with shiny gunmetal accent.  Hand painted.  Antique brass shank.  This style is also available in gold and in clear (see thumbnails).  Original vintage molds are used to produce many of the glass buttons such as this one.
Matt black glass with four paisleys in shiny gunmetal color.  This button is somewhat convex, and the paisleys are raised.  Hand painted.  Antique brass shank.
Half matt and half shiny black glass button with semi parallel grooves.  Hand painted.  Antique brass shank.

This style is available in may mono and two tone colors.  The image is not very clear.  We will replace it with clear image as soon as possible.

Jet black glass button with semi parallel grooves.  Antique brass shank.  

This image clearly shows the overall style of the above button.  It is flat top, and you can see the side of the button.

Classic faceted jet black glass.  In this case, however, the shank is metal (antique brass) for machine sewing.  It is also available in glass shank, if desired.
Matt black glass with deep wavy grooves and hand painted gunmetal accent.  This highly popular design is also stocked in jet black version.  This style is raised.  Antique brass shank.  This style is also stocked in jet black version (not matted).
Matt black glass with antique brass shank.  There are many raised dots on this overall convex button.  

Available in 20L only, this style is produced in about fifty colors.  So, we are sure that it can work on your garment.  (most colors are not stocked)

Matt Beige glass with very finely produced floral pattern.  One of our favorite styles, this button is stocked in iridescent white and combination of black/gold/silver (see thumbnails). 
Beige raised glass with multiple raised dots on the surface.  Antique brass shank.

This is the same style as the black one (above).  It is perfect for shirts, vests, dresses, and bridal gowns.  This color is made to order.  It is stock in jet black, clear, and tortoise (see the button below).

Tortoise shell color glass with globe pattern (down to the indentation for the equator line).  Antique brass shank.
Matt purple glass with antique brass shank.  You may have seen this style in other colors on our site.  As you see, we are not limited in color range of our styles.  Therefore, keep an open mind.  We can produce any of our styles to the color of your choice.  Made to order.
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