We have tons more of shell buttons.   We have every kind of shell that you could possibly need.  Click on the cards below to see more.  You will love the choices.

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Other laser etch dyeable shells (made to order)

dyeable akoya monotone.jpg (130266 bytes)Dyeable river shell monotone.jpg (124422 bytes)dyeable river shell 2.jpg (130847 bytes)Laser akoya dyeable monotone.jpg (129751 bytes)

Laser river shell dyeable monotone.jpg (192060 bytes)dyeable laser etch akoya two tone.jpg (442496 bytes)Dyeable akoya laser two tone.jpg (171702 bytes)dyeable laser etched river shell two tone.jpg (163080 bytes)

dyeable laser etch shell two tone & matt-shiny finish.jpg (125719 bytes)polycoated river shell laser logo.jpg (122992 bytes)polycoated akoya laser logo.jpg (130947 bytes)dyeable laser etched shell THREE TONE.jpg (138316 bytes)

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